GoPusher 2.0 - Documentation

Self Hosted Push Notification Platform

Main Features Overview

  • Web Push Notifications through VAPID method ( Without FCM 👍 )
  • Written on Golang ( He’s really fast 🔥 ) , packed to Docker container
  • Unlimited subscribers loadless
  • Subscribers tracking by channels
  • Fully self hosted web application
  • Buy Web Push Notification subscribers from third parties by own rates
  • Detailed statistics on publishers, sources, geo, campaigns
  • A/B testing for self served creatives and external DSPs
  • Scheduler based on subscribers timezone
  • Personalized Push Notifications based on geo & device data
  • Rich push notification, Emoji support 👽 👍
  • Rich targeting by geo, device type, platform, browser, browser language
  • Unlimited amount of sources on one platform
  • Supports OpenRTB & OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads
  • Supports most browsers, except Safari
  • Open source code as paid option