Publishers API

How to enable Publishers API

To enable publishers api, uncomment the corresponding lines in files docker-compose.yml and /data/nginx/app.conf, then restart services.

API Authorization

For making your api requests authorized, add two HTTP headers to each request with names APIKey, APIEmail that contains your actual data.

API Endpoints

  • GET /api/getSubscribers - returns amount of total subscribed, unique subscribed and unsubscribed users by day. By default returns data for current month. You can use a few GET params to filter returned data:
    • countries - to filters data by country. For example: ?countries=RU,UK,US
    • channels - to filter data by channels. For example: ?countries=default,entertainment,chan_1
    • from & to - to filter data by dates. For example: ?from=09/01/2019&to=09/30/2019
  • GET /api/getPayments - returns payments that was made to publisher.
  • GET /api/getBalance - return publisher’s balance.
  • GET /api/getCountries - returns available countries to use in filter of method /api/getSubscribers
  • GET /api/getChannels - returns available channels to use in filter of method /api/getSubscribers